Monday, August 25, 2014


Hi Little One!
3+ weeks!

Mommy (being a weirdo) took another pregnancy test today, and it said 3+ weeks, which means you're probably right around the 5 week mark like Mommy thought. Your conception date just might be Harry Potter's Birthday! Which makes you so cool.

Even though you're teeny tiny, I know you're growing in there little one!
6 week belly shot!

According to Mommy's app, you're the size of an apple seed now. Still so little! And you've been very nice to mommy so far- no cravings or nausea, just feeling very tired and sore breasts. But hey, if you're making them bigger, I won't complain.

I weighed myself this morning, and I weigh 122 lbs. Which means I'll probably be between 150-160 when you're delivered, which sounds HUGE to me. Almost as big as Daddy! Haha And I'm way shorter. But I'm trying to eat very healthy for you. So far, you got a good mix of fruit (raspberries and bananas) and veggies (spaghetti squash & salads) cheese, olives, peanut butter, and nuts. Not to mention Barrio guacamole and tacos the first night I found out about you. I hope you like the variety! And Mexican. I feel like I crave that a ton normally, and avocados are supposed to be great for your developing brain. I'm also trying to drink a ton of water for you, and have limited myself to one K-cup of coffee in the morning. Mommy is sort of a coffee addict, so that's tough for her. But I would do anything for you Little One!

Daddy is so excited for you too. He couldn't even sleep. Yesterday morning he woke up at 6 am so excited.

Auntie Kali texted me today about you too. She thinks you're a girl. She made me do a name test, where you put
"Dr." in front of whatever you want to name your baby, so that you see if you still like how it sounds. So far, the names I like for you are good!

For a girl, I want you to be Lydia Addison Koehler
I like Lydia as a first name because one of my friends when I did Teach For America in Baltimore was named Lydia. She's the only Lydia I know, and she is a beauty with a brain. She taught 7th grade English just like mommy, and went  on to law school at Stanford after the corps. She is so smart, and thoughtful, and kind, and drop dead gorgeous. If you're a girl, I'd want you to be just like her! 
I like Addison for your middle name because Daddy's name is Adam, so it's sort of a piece of his name. And I think the initials "LA" will be very cool for you. And since I'm going to LA this weekend for the first time, I feel like it will be a cool way to remember when I found out about you.

For a boy, I want you to be Landon Koehler.
I like Landon because one of my favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks, named the protagonist of his novel, "A Walk to Remember" Landon. Landon was a typical HS boy, sort of rebellious. But when he meets the love of his life, he changes everything to be with her, and in the end, you realize he truly is one of the best people with the biggest hearts. I'd want you to be like that. A masculine guy, but when you meet the girl of your dreams, you treat her like gold, are a perfect gentleman, and treat all girls with respect.

Well mommy's lunch break is over. I love you little one! Xoxo


P.S. Your daddy is so sweet and romantic to your mommy. He had these flowers waiting for me with a sweet card when I got home from work. Isn't he the best? I know you'll love him so much too!
Flowers & a card from your daddy! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hey Baby!

Hello there, little one.
Two positives- we're positively pregnant!
You are very little right now. Not much more than a twinkle in Mommy's eye. I just found out this morning that you're in there. Daddy and I had some fun this morning when we woke up (you'll get what I mean when you're older), and it made me think about how I was late. I was talking to my best friend (who you'll know as Auntie Deena) who's 6 months pregnant with her baby girl- Carli, and she convinced me to go get a pregnancy test. I got one, and immediately two blue lines popped up within seconds. I called her right away, and sent her the picture. She was so happy. She told me she was stopping to get a digital test that tells you how far along you are, and was coming over. She drove almost an hour to get here, which should tell you what kind of a friend she is and how excited she is about you too! Sure enough, the screen read "Pregnant" right away, and after a few minutes, it said 2-3 weeks. So you're very little in there. If I had to guess, I'd say you're more around 3 weeks because I'm about 10 days late at this point. Your birthday will be at the end of April, right before Mommy and Daddy's first anniversary in May! You happened much faster than we expected, but I know we will be very very happy once you're here!

Hey Baby Daddy- We're pregnant!
Daddy is golfing right now. And then he wanted to go to the casino with your Uncle Danny. (He'll probably be your Godfather, FYI.) I just want him to get home fast so he can see the surprise! We have a dry-erase board that says, "I love you because…" and I wrote "I love you because you're my baby daddy!" And I set the pregnancy tests out in front of it. It's in our kitchen. I'm going to try to take a video of him when he sees it too. I'll show it to you when you're older.

I called your Auntie Kali right after I found out. She'll definitely be your Godmother. She was so happy, she started crying on the phone right away. She hopes she'll be getting  a niece, but I don't care as long as you are healthy. I know we can make you happy. You will be so loved. I love you so much already. I tear up just thinking about it. Which makes me laugh, because it all makes sense now. Last weekend, Mommy was balling at the movie theater, and the night before she was crying at a movie she shouldn't have been crying that hard over. You're clearly already sending my hormones out of whack!

Since I had some time to kill before Daddy got home, I went to the grocery store and bought all organic and natural foods. I want you to have the best as you grow and develop in me, so I got lots of organic fruits and veggies, meat, pasta, and even organic ketchup and salad dressing! Haha. I love you so much already, little one. I have always wanted to be a mommy. I've never been so happy in my life. I can't wait to meet you in April!
Organic baby! Only the best for you, little one!

You are going to be an adventurous little one, if my instincts are right, as just around the time I would have conceived, mommy booked a bunch of vacations all in the same day! We're going to LA this weekend with your Auntie Brigitte, and Vermont in September to visit your Mom's friend Emily to do the Color Run, and then we're going to Baltimore in October to visit one of your Mom's bridesmaids, your Auntie Rachel.  She's getting married next September. It's crazy to think that you'll be here in the world at that point! I also just signed up for another month of Barre, so I hope you like being active! Mommy and Daddy both like staying in shape, and your Daddy LOVES sports. Probably almost as much as he'll love you!
Daddy took this picture of Mommy after we found out about you before Pure Barre class!

You are also going to have a Big Sister right off the bat- Colie. She will definitely give you tons of kisses, and be our buddy on all our walks. She'll protect you and love you so much too! I'll bet she'll even try to curl up and sleep next to you! Colie is going to be 6 in October. Daddy just turned 29, and Mommy is 26, but I'll be 27 when you are born, and Daddy will be turning the big 3-0 a few months after you get here.
This is your big sister, Colie! 

I can't wait to meet you, little one. I can't wait to hold you, and watch you grow, and teach you things, and spoil you rotten, and make you feel empowered to become whatever you want to be! You'll always have your momma behind you to support you and encourage you. I can't wait to see your eyes and your hair and your face. I can't wait to hear when you say your first words. I promise I'm going to love you so much, you don't even know!  Well, I'm tearing up again. Mommy's a mess! ;)  But in the meantime, I'm excited to feel what it's like to be pregnant for the first time ever in my life. Here's to the next 8 months (34 weeks and 3 days-ish!).

Love you, little one. Xoxo