Thursday, April 30, 2015

Meet My Baby!

Meet my baby!

I am proud to introduce Landon Brian Koehler. Our son was born on his actual due date- Monday, April 20th, 2015 at 12:30 in the afternoon. Baby boy was 7 pounds and 5 ounces and 18 3/4 inches long. He has strawberry blond hair and greenish gray eyes. He has 10 tiny fingers and 10 little toes, and is cute as a button. He looks a bit like Daddy and Mommy. He's our angel- we're convinced this little miracle is the greatest blessing God could ever give us. Mommy is so in love with him. And Daddy has never been prouder. We love you, Landon! Welcome to the world! 
Happy Birthday, Landon!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Waiting Game

Hi Baby Boy!

I cannot believe we are within DAYS of getting to meet you in person. This pregnancy has truly flown thanks to a busy work schedule, the holidays, and lots of travel. And, I've got to thank God for giving me a healthy, very uneventful pregnancy for the most part. Now all we've got to do is this labor thing....

Mommy has been pretty patient so far, but she's starting to get very antsy! I keep on saying to you everyday, "Whenever you're ready baby boy, we're ready for you!" But can I say we're DEFINITELY READY now????!!!!   Come on out!

Mommy and Daddy went on a walk to the lake with Colie yesterday, and boy, we were comical. It was not a walk for Mommy. It was a waddle. You have dropped, and by dropped I mean hanging low in there. I swear if I do the splits or sneeze you might shoot out like a rocket! Haha!  A girl who jogged past us even started laughing; I'm waddling, Daddy is walking Colie, and Colie is just bouncing along, tongue hanging out, happy as a clam to be on a walk. The jogger was definitely laughing at me and my ridiculous waddle.
Mommy & Daddy- 39 weeks and a few days!
Daddy is also trying to figure out ways to get you to come out (besides making Mommy waddle down the block). He bought Mommy one of those big bouncy balls to sit and bounce on.

He's also trying food tricks. On Tuesday night, he got Mommy Buffalo Wild Wings.  On Wednesday night, he got Mommy tacos from Barrio.We thought spicy food might do the trick! This morning Mommy ate pineapple, as that is supposed to have a natural effect to induce labor. Tonight we're going to get Italian- we read garlic, balsamic vinegar, and eggplant can do the trick, so Mommy will be getting a salad with oil and balsamic vinegar and eggplant Parmesan for dinner. Mommy also drank some raspberry tea this afternoon. We're trying all these foods to see!

Last night I had a horrible contraction after our walk. It was so bad, I fell to my knees and even got teary eyed. I feel like when that starts happening again is when we'll definitely have to go to the hospital. So far, that's been the worst one though.

I've been having regular contractions for the last 24 hours- anywhere from three to five contractions an hour. However, they'll go away after a few hours. I guess my body is definitely in practice labor. My boss told me to stay home from work today, so I bounced on the ball for an hour while I worked. I also tried the breast pump for 10 minutes, since I heard that's a way to jump start contractions. We might go for another walk in a little bit too. We're trying everything, so who knows what actually works if anything does! 
Me & You- 39 weeks and 3 days

Needless to say, we'll just have to keep waiting for you! But we're SO ready. Beyond excited to meet you, Little One. I can't wait to hold you and kiss you. We can do this labor thing. I know we can. Whenever you're ready!

Love you,

Mommy xoxo

Monday, April 13, 2015

39 Week Bumpdate

39 Week Bump Shot
How far along?  39 weeks- 9 months- 3rd trimester  ALMOST THERE!!!
Total weight gain: 150 lbs, down 1 lbs from last week, has to be from all the nesting and walking I've been doing... puts me at 25 lbs total. Little One is the size of a watermelon, and this watermelon sure feels ready to POP! 
Maternity clothes: Yes- this dress is from ASOS and one of my favorite maternity dresses I own! I love the colors and the print, and think the cut is very flattering for a prego mama, with a low back too. 
Stretch marks? Thankfully, no! I ran out of my Palmer's this morning- ahhh!! So I added a bit of extra lotion to that last squirt of Palmer's to stretch it out. Feeling incredibly lucky! 
Sleep: It has gotten better. I think I've been so tuckered out from nesting, I zonk out right away, but I have been having spells in the middle of the night where I lay awake for a bit, but then I fall into a really deep sleep. Once my alarm is going off, I'm having crazy dreams that I don't want to wake up from- I want to know what's going to happen in them!! haha
Best moment this week: Getting to go on a movie date with my husband on Friday night was so nice. We know it might be our very last one for awhile. I also went for a dog walk with my best friend Deena on Sunday. The weather was so beautiful- high 60's and sunny. It was amazing to be outside in the sunshine. When I got home, Adam and I made a Home Depot run, and he got so much done in the yard (I only supervised, haha). He laid down all our mulch, planted flowers, and seeded the entire yard, so Landon will have lots of plushy grass to lay on this summer. Inside, I continued the nesting by doing laundry, cleaning out the basement, cleaning out the garage, and organizing a bunch of closets and cupboards and drawers. The house is even more ready for Landon! 
Movement:  Yes- my poor boy has to be so squished in there. He feels HUGE, but I swear my belly can't stretch anymore, so he's got to be so tight in there. I still relish every wiggle and roll though. I love having him in there. 
39 weeks- still working out
(though walking is pretty low-intensity, it still feels great to move around as much as possible!)

Miss anything? Drinking. Warm weather makes me want to sit outside and sip on a nice, cold adult beverage. Soon enough though! :)
Food cravings: Breakfast sandwiches- I had to stop this morning and get the bacon, egg, and gouda sandwich from Starbucks. I love that one! Bananas and smoothies- I just love fruit in general this whole pregnancy, and yesterday I polished off an entire king size Pay Day bar- YUMMO! 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Still seafood.
Gender: Boy <3  
Labor signs: Lots more cramping and lightning crotch. OUCH!! He's dropped for sure- the doctor confirmed it. She also confirmed I'm effaced, and 1-2 centimeters dilated, so she said to be ready at anytime. Also, TMI, but there's been uhh...mucus plug loss and changes in discharge. My back has also been hurting, but I don't know if that's labor signs or just soreness from all of the nesting. Soon enough the real thing will happen- eek!!!!
Symptoms: Heartburn, frequent urination, abdominal aches and pains, cramping, Braxton Hicks, backache, lightning crotch, and shortness of breath (at night), lactation, increased thirst, nesting
Belly button in or out? Still completely popped out- so weird. 
Wedding rings on or off? Still on! :)
Happy or moody most of the time: Very happy. I have to say, the thought of labor is getting a little daunting, but I know he has to come out- there's no turning back now! So I think all the nesting and finishing up work has been a great way to feel productive and keep my mind off getting freaked out about labor. And I know at the end, I'll get to hold this Little Man. Can't believe that it's been 39 weeks. SO CLOSE!!!  Love you, baby boy. Can't wait to introduce you to the world. <3 xoxo

Monday, April 6, 2015

38 Week Bumpdate

38 Week Bump Shot
How far along?  38 weeks- 9 months- 3rd trimester  HOME STRETCH!!!
Total weight gain: 151 lbs, up 1 lbs from last week... puts me at 26 lbs and feeling HUGE! 
Maternity clothes: Yes and No. The top is non-maternity from Limited (just a silk blouse) The bottoms are Destination Maternity jean jeggings- the over-the-belly kind, so comfy! I truly don't know how I'll go back to non-maternity jeans/leggings! 
Stretch marks? Thankfully, no! Using Palmer's twice a day, every day! Feeling so lucky! 
Sleep: Perhaps I've gotten used to not being comfortable, but I have been able to fall asleep faster. And I still get up to pee at least 5 times. I've been getting up before my alarm though, which is always frustrating in a way. Today I woke up a half hour early, made a crock pot meal and cleaned out the fridge before work! Nesting anyone??!
Best moment this week: We had a really successful Principal Interview day at work on Thursday, so it was great to kick off a long Easter Weekend on a high note from work. Friday was a pamper day- I slept in, used a gift card from our wedding for a prenatal massage, mani, and pedi. Then Saturday we celebrated Easter with my Dad, and got him a new iPhone 6 plus so he can Facetime and get videos and pictures of the baby. He's been using the same flip phone since I was in high school, and it was so funny to see him realize how awesome the technology is on phones now. He was blown away! It was so cute. On Sunday, we celebrated Easter with lunch with my husband's side of the family, and dinner at my Grammas. Always a little stressful to drive around a bunch of places, but it's so nice to see everyone. Feels like we never get to see family as often as we'd like! 
Movement:  Yes- even though I felt last week his movement had slowed, today he's been a wild child. He's really squirming in there- I feel bad if he's uncomfortable because it's got to be a tight squeeze these days. He's moving his butt from side to side all day, and throwing his feet and hands into my sides, which is sort of hurting now, but I don't even want to complain about it because I love feeling him move so much. It's a constantly reminder he's our little miracle in there. 
Miss anything?  Margaritas- my friend Steph posted a pic on Instagram, and they looked SO GOOD! I also miss shopping. I went to the mall to use some coupons that were about to expire this weekend, and I miss shopping for cute work clothes. Can't wait to get my workout on and get back into pre-baby shape! 
Food cravings: Salad- I wanted a crisp, crunchy salad so bad this weekend, and luckily got to indulge when we got food with my dad on Saturday! And I cannot drink enough lemonade. I also am craving pop or anything carbonated, but can't really indulge in that one. I got some of the best oranges I've ever tasted from the grocery store last week, so I'm not sure that it's really a craving, or just because they taste so good. And my Easter basket was awesome because I've been craving chocolate too. (Adam and I always exchange one, because he is a candy FREAK and will take any excuse to buy a boatload of candy! haha!) 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Still seafood. Gross.  
Unexpected Ultrasound- Sneak Peek of our Boy! <3
Gender: Our very unexpected ultrasound confirmed it- he's definitely still a BOY! 
Labor signs: Definite cramping and Braxton-Hicks. Nesting like crazy. Also, not sure if this means labor, but I've had some, ummm, lacation happening....nuts! Lots of back pain as well. Hopefully this won't mean back labor- I've heard that's horribly painful, but then again, all labor has got to be! No turning back at this point....
Symptoms: Heartburn, frequent urination, abdominal aches and pains, cramping, Braxton Hicks, backache, lightning crotch, and shortness of breath (at night), lactation, increased thirst
Belly button in or out? Still completely popped out- and still grosses me out! It's like a third nipple- haha!
Wedding rings on or off? Still on! :)
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy. I am loving being pregnant, and truly relishing these last two weeks. 14 days- ready or not! But definitely feeling more ready. We can't wait to meet you, sweet boy!! <3