Monday, April 6, 2015

38 Week Bumpdate

38 Week Bump Shot
How far along?  38 weeks- 9 months- 3rd trimester  HOME STRETCH!!!
Total weight gain: 151 lbs, up 1 lbs from last week... puts me at 26 lbs and feeling HUGE! 
Maternity clothes: Yes and No. The top is non-maternity from Limited (just a silk blouse) The bottoms are Destination Maternity jean jeggings- the over-the-belly kind, so comfy! I truly don't know how I'll go back to non-maternity jeans/leggings! 
Stretch marks? Thankfully, no! Using Palmer's twice a day, every day! Feeling so lucky! 
Sleep: Perhaps I've gotten used to not being comfortable, but I have been able to fall asleep faster. And I still get up to pee at least 5 times. I've been getting up before my alarm though, which is always frustrating in a way. Today I woke up a half hour early, made a crock pot meal and cleaned out the fridge before work! Nesting anyone??!
Best moment this week: We had a really successful Principal Interview day at work on Thursday, so it was great to kick off a long Easter Weekend on a high note from work. Friday was a pamper day- I slept in, used a gift card from our wedding for a prenatal massage, mani, and pedi. Then Saturday we celebrated Easter with my Dad, and got him a new iPhone 6 plus so he can Facetime and get videos and pictures of the baby. He's been using the same flip phone since I was in high school, and it was so funny to see him realize how awesome the technology is on phones now. He was blown away! It was so cute. On Sunday, we celebrated Easter with lunch with my husband's side of the family, and dinner at my Grammas. Always a little stressful to drive around a bunch of places, but it's so nice to see everyone. Feels like we never get to see family as often as we'd like! 
Movement:  Yes- even though I felt last week his movement had slowed, today he's been a wild child. He's really squirming in there- I feel bad if he's uncomfortable because it's got to be a tight squeeze these days. He's moving his butt from side to side all day, and throwing his feet and hands into my sides, which is sort of hurting now, but I don't even want to complain about it because I love feeling him move so much. It's a constantly reminder he's our little miracle in there. 
Miss anything?  Margaritas- my friend Steph posted a pic on Instagram, and they looked SO GOOD! I also miss shopping. I went to the mall to use some coupons that were about to expire this weekend, and I miss shopping for cute work clothes. Can't wait to get my workout on and get back into pre-baby shape! 
Food cravings: Salad- I wanted a crisp, crunchy salad so bad this weekend, and luckily got to indulge when we got food with my dad on Saturday! And I cannot drink enough lemonade. I also am craving pop or anything carbonated, but can't really indulge in that one. I got some of the best oranges I've ever tasted from the grocery store last week, so I'm not sure that it's really a craving, or just because they taste so good. And my Easter basket was awesome because I've been craving chocolate too. (Adam and I always exchange one, because he is a candy FREAK and will take any excuse to buy a boatload of candy! haha!) 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Still seafood. Gross.  
Unexpected Ultrasound- Sneak Peek of our Boy! <3
Gender: Our very unexpected ultrasound confirmed it- he's definitely still a BOY! 
Labor signs: Definite cramping and Braxton-Hicks. Nesting like crazy. Also, not sure if this means labor, but I've had some, ummm, lacation happening....nuts! Lots of back pain as well. Hopefully this won't mean back labor- I've heard that's horribly painful, but then again, all labor has got to be! No turning back at this point....
Symptoms: Heartburn, frequent urination, abdominal aches and pains, cramping, Braxton Hicks, backache, lightning crotch, and shortness of breath (at night), lactation, increased thirst
Belly button in or out? Still completely popped out- and still grosses me out! It's like a third nipple- haha!
Wedding rings on or off? Still on! :)
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy. I am loving being pregnant, and truly relishing these last two weeks. 14 days- ready or not! But definitely feeling more ready. We can't wait to meet you, sweet boy!! <3 

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