Friday, May 1, 2015

What to Buy for a Breastfeeding Bedside Box

I thought I was prepared for everything when it came to bringing baby home, but I realized within the first 24 hours of being home I was not prepared for breastfeeding. And since you'll be breastfeeding for what can feel like every hour of the day, especially if your little one cluster feeds like Landon, you'll wish you had this made beforehand. It's not fun gathering things from around your house or realizing you need stuff from the store when you're very sore and recovering from delivery. Make this in advance if you can!! This also helped me adjust to breastfeeding very quickly. I have breastfeeding boxes next to my bed, by the rocker in his nursery, and downstairs next to the couch. This way, no matter where I'm feeding him (which is CONSTANTLY- he's a milk monster!) I have supplies at hand, since at least one is always occupied with baby boy.

Here are the things I have at every nursing station.

  • Water: You need to drink a TON to keep your milk supply up, and I swear, I get dry mouth as soon as Landon latches. I chug at least one  bottle of water every time I nurse. I keep bottles or the jug the hospital gave me at every station.
  • Nipple Balm: This stuff is magical. Especially that first week when you feel like your nipples might fall off after a feeding. I have both Boob Ease by Bamboobies and the Honest Co. Nipple Balm, and I'd recommend either. Both are organic as well. I apply after each feeding, and after 10 days, feedings aren't hurting anymore. These are more buttery in consistency, and are very smooth and not as sticky as Lansinoh. The Lansinoh still works and is cheaper (I have it at one station), but just not as silky smooth to rub on, and my fingers get really sticky after using it, and I can't always run to wash my hands, whereas the Boob Ease or Honest Co. balm rubs off easily on a burp cloth.  
  • Tissues: For some reason, every time I breast feed, I feel like my nose is running. This helps to take care of the sniffles. Or if you happen to have one of those lovely, postpartum hormonal cries, you're prepared.
  • Medication/Vitamins: You might be so busy and overwhelmed those first few days, you forget to take your pain meds or your prenatals, both of which you will need to help ease your recovery and ensure your baby is getting the nutrients he needs from breastfeeding. It's easy for me to pop my Motrin or my prenatal while I am sitting there for a feeding, and since I have time to check the time for when I should be taking another pain pill. 
  • Lip Balm: Same as the strange sniffles, I feel my lips are extremely chapped at every feedings, so it is great to have lip balm on hand. Especially so I have soft lips to kiss baby with after each feeding. xo 
  • Reading Material: Magazines, baby care books, or my cell phone- anything to help pass the time, since you will start to feel like all you're doing is putting your kid on your boob. This helps me feel less like a cow and more like an intellectual human being. 
  • Breast Pads: I don't always use these- it depends on what I'm wearing. But if I'm using them I'll change these out after a feeding. I got the resusable ones, and they get itchy after a few feedings, so I keep them handy to change them out. 
  • Burp Cloths: Keep at least one at every station. You never know when your little one may need to be burped or projectile vomit all over that cute outfit you just dressed them in. 
  • Cell Phone App/Last Feeding Time: With everything in my brain that I have to do to take care of baby, I would never remember the time of the last feeding or which side I ended on. I made a dry erase frame to have the time and the side, but I also downloaded an app called BabyNursing. I prefer the app just so I can keep track on the go, but you'll definitely need something, especially at the beginning so you don't overuse one nipple. Trust me. Plus, you might want your phone to catch some of those adorable faces your baby makes after a feeding before falling into a milk coma. :)
Happy Breastfeeding! :)

These are the items that have helped me adjust to breastfeeding my little one. If you have any other tips or advice, let me know!

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