Thursday, June 4, 2015

Baby Must-Haves

So looking back at our registry, we got a ton of stuff for Landon, and it all is amazing, but there's definitely a few things that are a must-have that I could not have survived the last month and a half without.

1. Burp cloths.  I do laundry every other day or every three days, and we literally go through all 12 of our burp cloths so quickly. There's usually one in the bedroom, in the nursery, in our living room area, and in the diaper bag. At first, my husband and I were constantly calling out to one another, "Where is the burp cloth?" Because undoubtedly, Landon decided to burp or spit up the second we handed him over to the other person, and the burp cloth wasn't nearby, so we now have burp cloths handy everywhere!

2. Drying rack. We got the Boon grass drying rack, and I absolutely love it. I think it looks really cute in our kitchen, but also the flower and the twig are really great for hanging the nipples and other accessories to dry on. I feel like it makes our bottle situation look much better aesthetically than if we just had a plane drying rack on the counter. We've only given Landon a couple bottles when we had to go out of town for a wedding and for our anniversary date night, but for the breast pump accessories it's also great to dry those on as well.
Boon Grass Drying Rack

3. Wipeable Changing Pad. I got a wipeable changing pad from Target that has plastic center but the soft minky fabric on the sides, and I love it because you can wipe away any messes as you're changing your baby, but you don't need to constantly be washing a fabric changing pad. There's enough laundry already!
Circo Wipeable Changing Mat from Target

4. Click and Connect Car Seat & Stroller. This was definitely one of our priciest items on our registry, but it is so worth it to be able to pop Landon in his car seat into the car quickly or into the stroller. It just makes everything so much easier! He actually falls asleep really quickly in it,s o it is so nice to not wake him when you need to bring him into the house. When I took him to the mall, he fell asleep in the car seat in the car, so I could just lift him out, pop him into the stroller, and he stayed sleeping. This is definitely something I would say is worth the investment for a little one that you plan to take out and about frequently. 
The Graco Click & Connect Car Seat- doubles as a seat for outside to block the sun ;)

5. Kick & Play Piano Gym. Now this one isn't truly a must-have. I'm sure Landon would survive without this. But seen the joy on his face when he's playing with the piano and the dangling toys made this a must-have! I will probably purchase this for any of my friends baby showers coming up just because I think it is super affordable and great to see the baby be so stimulated and happy while gaining those motor skills and doing their muscle building activities. 
The Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

6. Vaseline. So Vaseline has been my best friend when it comes to changing Landon. The nurses at the hospital showed us how a light coating over his bottom after you're done cleaning them during a change makes the next change 100 times easier. I usually only have to use one to two wipes maximum just because one wipe I can quickly clean everything up. And since in the beginning  Landon absolutely hated diaper changes and would scream his head off bloody murder, being able to quickly and efficiently get him clean was essential. So rubbing a thin coating of Vaseline all over his bottom after every change definitely has made the diaper changing process much easier. I would highly recommend making sure you have a large tub of Vaseline on hand as well as cotton pads to easily wipe the Vaseline on. The baby Vaseline smells great too.
The Baby Scent Vaseline

7. Munchkin Latch Bottles. So Landon had to take a bottle within the first month because my husband was in a wedding party, and we had to be away from him for the reception. And since the wedding was about an hour away, it meant we had to spend about 12 hours away from Landon total. I think what I love most about these bottles is the shape of the actual nipple- it definitely resembles a breast, and I could tell even though it first Landon sort of made a weird face when we tested them on him, he took it pretty well. And the stage one nipple has a very slow leak or release, so I think that helps for the baby not to have nipple confusion. And it also helps the baby to not prefer the bottle because it is such a slow release, and they still have to work at it just like they do when they're on your actual breast. 

Munchkin Latch Bottles
8. Nuk Pacifiers. While I absolutely love how the Wubanub  binkies look, and Landon does use them, The Nuk orthodontic pacifier is definitely the one that stays put the best right now. Landon really doesn't like pacifiers and will often spit them out of his mouth pretty quickly. I think he definitely prefers boob compared to everything. Typical guy, haha. However, the Nuk orthodontic pacifier is what he can suck on the easiest and stays in his mouth the longest when we do need to pop the binky in. Even though we don't rely on them, if we're in a store or at a family gathering and Landon needs to be soothed and it's not exactly most convenient to whip out the boob, the Nuk works well. .
Landon & his Nuk binky 

 Any other moms have some great must-buys? Please comment & share your tips! :)

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  1. Im actually going to try the vaseline I have not ever heard of that before! Great idea!